Introduction of new Thermoval® fever thermometer

Thermoval® products are the fever thermometer of whole family. We know how a fever thermometer should be for you and your family. So, we give you the product as per your need. You are always there for you to provide with excellent product and services.


Thermoval® duo scan is the perfect choice for your child or baby. Its modern technology makes taking temperature as easy, uncomplicated and comfortable as never before. As the name suggests, Thermoval duo scan provides two ways of scanning fever temperature - either measured on the forehead and temple or in the auditory channel of the ear. Take your baby's temperature without disturbing its sleep, simply by gently moving Thermoval® duo scan along its temple. Take away the scare of reading your children's temperature by performing an ear measurement in seconds.


Thermoval® rapid is our "Everybody's Darling", the fever thermometer for families and singles alike, for kids and grown-ups. With its easy handling, easy readability (due to the Jumbo display) and fast measurements Thermoval® rapid is the perfect addition to your home medicine chest.


Thermoval® kids and its little colorful mascots, the princess and the pirate, playfully take away the scare of fever measuring. Fast measurements and an easily readable display further reduce your children's stress when taking their temperature. Monitor your children's fever course with our reliable Thermoval® kids and thus help them get well again soon.


Thermoval® kids flex is a perfect fever thermometer for your baby. Its attractive warm design represents your immense love towards your baby. It has a prominent display screen with comparatively faster measuring time allowing you and your baby to have less stress while taking temperature. Its flexible tip secures your baby from discomfort and pain. In addition, you do not need a watch while taking temperature, as Thermoval® kids flex has an acoustic signal that indicates when it is ready for operation and also when the measurement is completed. Thermoval® kids flex would be the best choice for your baby's comfort.


Thermoval® standard combines good value-for-money and accurate reliable measurements. This thermometer wins you over with its simplicity and easy handling. It has a prominent display screen which is easy to read. In addition, Thermoval® standard has an acoustic signal that indicates when it is ready for operation and also when the measurement is completed. If you are looking for the best thermometer at an optimal price, Thermoval® standard should be your choice.

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