Choosing the right fever thermometer

Here are some criteria to keep in mind when choosing the right fever thermometer.

Easy handling
Avoid stress when monitoring fever by buying a thermometer that is easy to use. Keep from buying fever thermometers which need additional accessories in order to measure temperature.
Fast results

Taking fever is no fun - especially not for children. You will get stressed when you and your child have to wait for a long time after placing the fever thermometer in the mouth, armpit or rectum. In order to avoid this, buy a fever thermometer with fast-measurement function, which will provide measuring results in a matter of seconds.

Suitablity of technology

You can buy various types of fever thermometers – digital, infrared, disposable thermometers and many more. You have to decide which technology suits your needs. Digital and infrared thermometers are much more reliable than disposable. Digital fever thermometers with big displays and flexible tips are a good solution for babies; but infrared fever thermometers provide the easiest and quickest type of measurement which can even be performed on the forehead. Your pharmacist can help you to find your perfect thermometer.

User friendliness

You have to consider how unpleasant it may be for the person whose temperature you are taking. Young children might be scared of taking temperature and might need a playful thermometer to lose their fear. For adults it is probably very uncomfortable to have to endure a rectal measurement. Choose the right thermometer which will cause the least distress to your patient.

Easy cleaning

Your fever thermometer should be easy to clean. Waterproof thermometers can be fully immersed in lukewarm water or disinfectant. Disinfection is very important especially with thermometers that are used to perform rectal measurement as these carry a higher risk of transferring germs.

Renowned manufacturer

You should also know about the manufacturer of your fever thermometer. It is better to buy a fever thermometer from a well-known brand or one recommended by a pharmacist. A reliable manufacturer also produces reliable products. The main advantage is that you will receive a product guaranteed to be safe to use and long-lived by warranty.

Choosing a thermometer

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